Now looking to hire a pastor
Are you our pastor? Bearden First Assembly is looking for you! Our church has a strong history of being a very solid church and we are looking for a pastor to lead us to the next level. We are a church looking for a pastor to help us grow our faith and help us reach our community for Christ. In recent years we have built a family life center with a lot of potential for growth with children and teenagers. We have a parsonage ready for you and your family. Come home to Bearden First Assembly; you belong here.
For more information please contact Steve Wright at stevewright2037@yahoo.com. or P.O. Box 479 Bearden, AR 71720. Posted 8/14/17
Matthew & Alisha Castleberry
Matthew and Alisha are passionate about delivering the message of the gospel to this generation and are excited to get plugged in at Bearden. They have been married for nearly seven years and have two beautiful children, Levi who is five and two year old Avery.
Prior to joining the First Assembly family, Matthew served as the manager of a non-profit furniture store in Sepulpa, Oklahoma for two years. Also, Matthew and Alisha helped in several youth ministries across Texas.
This young couple is excited about the new season of ministry and ready to watch God do what only he can do in the lives of Forward Students.
Our Schedule
9:45 am – Sunday School
10:45 am – Morning Worship
6:00 pm – Evening Worship
6:00 pm – B Kids
6:00 PM – Forward Students
B Kids is a great ministry geared toward developing children from the ages of two to eleven. Each meeting is filled with educational and creative activities as well as Biblically sound teachings, providing a fun and safe environment for them to discover all God created them to be.  B Kids meet each Sunday morning and midweek service.
Forward Students are passionate about their pursuit of God. Meeting various times each week, Forward Students grow together as a group and in their individual walks with the Lord. Each Wednesday Forward Students meet for their 7pm service complete with food, games, worship, and the presentation of the gospel. We would love for you to be a part of the movement forward with us.



In July of 1921, during an old-fashioned brush arbor meeting, a Pentecostal revival uncured and our Spirit-filled church was born. This church has a rich heritage built on the people seeking nothing but more of God in their lives, homes, and community. 

Our founding pastor, Rev. Zack Launius, ushered in a culture of revival. The community had a brand new passion for the things of God thanks to the presentation of full gospel preaching, paired with heartfelt worship and powerful altar services. People in the community of Bearden put their faith into action and generously gave donations of time, talents, and funds in an effort to facilitate that culture.

Today, because of the generosity of those who laid the groundwork, First Assembly exists as a constant reminder to the community it resides in of God’s divine providence and his grace towards them. The church is still alive and well, impacting the lives of every individual they encounter, growing as a community of believers, and stirring up revival in their own lives.


At First Assembly, we make God’s Word priority.  We pray that as you listen the Word of God penetrates your heart and ministers to you in your place of need.

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